100 Square Feet


100 Artists

Archive of the work and box works here

1. Liza Adamczewski
Adamczewski Image

2. Molly Aldous
Aldous Image

3. Brigitte Anne Hague
Anne Hague Image

4. Krystal Avery
Avery Image

5. Anna Bader
Bader Image

6. Sarah Bale
Bale Image

7. Joanna Barfield
Barfield Image

8. John Barker
Barker Image

9. Georgina Barnes
Barnes Image

10. Martin Barrett
Barrett Image

11. Lucy Basley
Basley Image

12. Kate Batchelor
Batchelor Image

13 Alan Bennett
Alan Bennett Image

14 Val Bennett
Val Bennett Image

15 Les Bicknell
Bicknell Image

16 Lindsay Blackmore
Blackmore Image

17 Dave Brown
Brown Image

18. Vivienne Burns
Burns Image

19. Tony Casement
Casement Image

20. Linda Chapman
Chapman Image

21. Michael Chapman
 M. Chapman Image

22. Sue Chillingworth
Chillingworth Image

23. Alison

Calvesbert Box Image

24. Paul

Placeholder Image

25. Sue Clyne
Clyne Image

26. Nicola Coe
N.Coe Image

27. Martin Coe
M. Coe Image

28. Paul Cope
Cope Image

29. Eileen Coxon
Placeholder Image

30. Jack Crampton
J. Crampton Image

31. Coco Crampton
Coco Crampton Image

32. Charlie Crampton
Charlie Crampton Box Image

33. Barney Crispin
Crispin Image

34. Billie-Jean Croll
Croll Image

35. Lorry Cudmore
Cudmore Image

36. Paddy Dean
Dean Image

37. Heather Demmon
Demmon Image

38. Alfie Demmon
Demmon Image

39. Margaret Dixon
Dixon Image

40. Karen Downing
Downing Image

41.Laurence Edwards
Edwards Image

42. Patrick Elder
Elder Image

43. Sally Erb
Erb Box Image

44. The First
Wednesday Club

FWC Image

45. Yvonne Forster
Forster Image

46. Sue Foster
Foster Image

47. Nora Gaston
Gaston Image

48. Jane German
German Image

49. Sophie Giller
Giller Image

50. Jazz Green
Green Image

51. Peter H Evans
Evans Image

52. Neil Hanger
Hanger Image

53. Tina Hannay
Hannay Box Image

54. Peta Hillier
Hillier Image

55. Deborah Hobbs
Hobbs Image

56. Peter Jackson
Jackson Image

57. Val Jones
Jones Image

58. Susie Joyce
Joyce Image

59. Janet Keene
Keene Image

60. Jonathan Keep
Keep Image

61. Chas Keyes
Keyes Image

62. Marianne
Koby Johnson

MKJ Image

63. Sarah Lester and
Sapphire Class

Lester Image

64. Gill Levin
Levin Image

65. Jude Lockie
Lockie Image

66. Jan Martin
Martin Image

67. Ursula Mason
Mason Image

68. Sara Muzira

69. Gerald Nason
Nason Image

70. Dee Nickerson
Nickerson Image

71. Jim Nind
Nind Image

72. Sian O'Keefe
O'Keefe Image

73. Lily Overy
Overy Image

74. David Page
Page Image

75. Lucy Perry
Perry Image

76. Hugh Pilkington
Pilkington Image

77. Evelyn Polk
Placeholder Image

78. Victoria Preston
Preston Image

79. Phoebe Pryor
Placeholder Image

80. Jim Racine
Racine Image

81. Joanna Reynolds
Reynolds Image

82. Rachel Roft
Roft Image

83. Sula Rubens
Rubens Image

84. Bruce Rushin
Rushin Image

85. Rob Rutterford
Rutterford Image

86. Meryem Siemmond
Siemmond Image

87. Colin Slee
Slee Image

88. Josie Smyth
Placeholder Image

89. Chris Summerfield
Summerfield Image

90. Ceri Thomson
Thomson Image

91. Loisjoy Thurstun
Thurston Image

92. Corrin Tulk
Tulk Image

93. Simon Turner
Turner Image

94. Rosie Turner-Mullan
Placeholder Image

95. Eleanor Usher
Usher Image

96. Rose Voutsas
Voutsas Image

97. Bella White
White Image

98. John Williams
Williams Image

99. Tim Wilson
Wislon Image

100. Kim Winston
Winston Image

101. Susie Yates
Yates Image

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